Sometimes a company is created on an idea, sometimes on an existential need to do something yourself, sometimes it is just a story of men or women who believe in a common project.

The creation of the Bavacy company is a good mix of genres

In order to contribute to the development and emergence of Cameroon, a group of people decided to innovate in the ecommerce sector. Our goal is to create a market place platform where all merchants will have the opportunity to showcase their products for free.

We have set up tools that will highlight the different products offered by the merchants; with the objective of offering the possibility to merchants to have physical customers in their stores but also customers on the digital market.

We spent several months setting up the project, confronting our ideas, thinking about a sensible offer, defining the support methods, ensuring the training engineering, fine-tuning our positioning, testing our speech in front of decision-makers, creating the company. And here we are, the machine is now launched…

A lot of energy, exchanges and questioning on a useful project of socio-economic development which is close to our hearts, and for which we share a real optimism is for us a big challenge.

A company is nothing without the will, the energy and the competence of the actors who make it live; any company is the fruit of a collective effort so that exists and develops what, at the beginning, was often the project of only one. This deployment of forces is above all a human adventure.

Telling this adventure is the primary function of a company biography. Tracing the history of a company requires consultation of archives from a wide variety of sources: roles within the company, statistical surveys, business records, employee testimonies, innovation, company development, etc. The results of this research can be quite slim as well as revealing some very good surprises!

Still at the beginning of this great human adventure, each employee will have the opportunity to put his or her talents into action so that together we can write our history.

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