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Marine shipping

Send parcels (of any kind) between Europe and Cameroon by grouping into a container. 11 travel days from the departure of the boat from the port of Antwerp. Each customer can load the interior of his vehicle at will.

Delivery time: 21 days from the departure of the boat from the port of Antwerp

Expedition frequency : minimum 1 container weekly

Expedition fee : Tariffs evaluated in cubic meter (m³). For more information, our employees are at your disposal 24/7. Free estimate, fast and without prior commitment.

Possibility of collection of parcels at the home of the sending customer throughout Europe

Possibility of delivery to the recipient’s home in Cameroon

With our partner, BOCA Groupagesyou have the choice between two (02) modes of shipping your vehicle:

VIP vehicle shipping : Your vehicle is transported in a sea container (11 shipping days)which guarantees the perfect condition of the vehicle and no unpleasant surprises upon arrivalWe recommend this vehicle shipping method since it is more secure

Conventional vehicle shipping : Your vehicle is placed in bulk in a ship bound for Africa.

Air transport

Ideal for urgent situations, air shipping is done by plane between Europe and Cameroon.

Expedition frequency : Every week

Possibility of collection of packages at the sender’s home and possibility of delivery to the recipient’s home
Fee schedule: depending on package weightPlease contact one of our collaborators.