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How to read this privacy policy: We offer you several options for reading this privacy policy.
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Each chapter is preceded by a short text. This text summarises the content of the chapter. We recommend that you read these texts if you only want a brief overview of all the data treatments. 

We have avoided cross-references as much as possible. This way, all information is clearly explained wherever you are in the chapter. If you read the privacy policy from beginning to end, you may find repetitions. We cannot avoid cross-references entirely. For example, we have combined all country-specific data processing in one chapter to which we refer where appropriate.

The way BAVACY handles your data is the same for most of our offerings. This privacy policy therefore applies to all services we offer to our customers in Africa, whether we do so on a website, by phone, at events or on social networks or other channels. For ease of reference, we use the generic term ‘services’ for this ‘normal case’.

However, for some services, we may exceptionally process your data in a different way or for a particular purpose. This may be because of the type of service or the requirements of a specific country. When we refer to these cases (“special cases”), we use the terms “service-specific” or “country-specific”.

Bavacy offers you various services that you can use in different ways. Depending on whether you contact us online, by telephone, in person or in any other way and which services you use, various data from different sources are provided. Much of the data we process is data that you provide to us when you use our services or when you contact us, for example when you register and provide your name, e-mail address or address for this purpose. We also receive technical data about your terminal and access data that we automatically capture when you interact with our services. This may include, for example, information about the terminal you are using. We collect other data through our data analyses (e.g. in the context of market research and customer evaluations). We may also receive data about you from third parties, for example from information agencies and payment service providers.

Bavacy processes your data in compliance with all applicable data protection laws. In this respect, we naturally comply with the principles of data protection law applicable to the processing of personal data. Thus, in principle, we only process your data for the purposes indicated in this privacy policy or when you enter your data. This primarily concerns the processing of purchases and the provision, personalisation, development and security of our services. In addition, we use your data within the limits of the strict rules of Cameroonian and African data protection law, but also for other purposes, such as product development, scientific research and market research, for optimising business processes, tailoring our services to your needs, and personalised advertising.

The development and provision of personalised features and services is important to us. Regardless of the place, time and device used, we offer you an individual shopping experience and a range of services that is tailored to your personal interests. The processing of your data for the purpose of personalising our services is therefore an integral part of the services offered by Bavacy.

We use your data to provide the Bavacy website. In addition to the terminal data and access data generated during each use of these services, the type of data processed and the purposes of the data processing depend on how you use the functions and services available through our services. In addition, we use the data generated during the use of our services to determine how our online offer is used. We use this information, among other things, in connection with shopping personalisation to improve our services and to provide personalised advertising.

Bavacy maintains profile pages (called “fan pages”) in the social networks Facebook and Instagram. We regularly publish and share content, offers and product recommendations on our fan pages. The operators of the social networks record your usage behaviour by means of cookies and similar technologies whenever you interact with our fan pages or other pages on Facebook or Instagram. Fan page operators have access to general statistical data on the interests and demographics of users of a fan page (e.g. age, gender, region etc.). When you use social networks, it is primarily the operators who define the type, scope and purpose of the data processing collected there.

We offer you several newsletter services including

Inspirational content such as updates on brands, trends, offers, sales, categories;

Reminders, e.g. when an item on your wish list is discounted, if items in your bag have been missed or if you have requested a size reminder;

Surveys, e.g. to find out if you liked the items you bought;

Personalised recommendations of items we think you might like based on your previous orders and browsing behaviour;

Updates from influencers or trends you may follow on our site.

With respect to our services, we present information and offers from Bavacy based on your interests. You may receive a limited number of individual product recommendations, surveys and product evaluation requests from us, regardless of whether you have signed up for a newsletter or not. In accordance with legal requirements, we preferentially use the data in your previous orders to select individual product recommendations

We use the data provided when ordering Bavacy gift vouchers to check and process the order and to send and validate the voucher. This also includes the recording and processing of data relating to the use of the voucher, including the prevention of fraud.

We and our advertising partners use your data to present you with personalised advertisements in the Bavacy services and on the website. In this respect, we and our advertising partners use standard internet technologies. This enables us to show you targeted advertisements and to provide you with advertisements and offers that are of real interest to you. This allows us to better meet the needs of our users through personalisation and new product discovery and to keep you interested in our services over the long term through a more personalised shopping experience.

Bavacy will only pass on your data if this is permitted under Cameroonian or African data protection law. We work very closely with certain service providers, for example in the field of customer service (e.g. service provider hotline), technical service providers (e.g. data centre management) or logistics companies (e.g. BOCA GROUPAGE ET SERVICES). These service providers may in principle only process your data on our behalf under certain conditions. If they are our subcontractors, the service providers only have access to your data to the extent and for the period necessary to provide the service concerned.

At the national level, Cameroon has transposed these regional texts into a sparse body of law, notably Law No. 2010/012 of 21 December 2010 on cybersecurity and cybercrime in Cameroon, Law No. 2010/013 of 21 December 2010 governing electronic communications in Cameroon, Law No. 2010/021 of 21 December 2010 governing e-commerce in Cameroon and, to a lesser extent, Law No. 2006/018 of 29 December 2006 governing advertising in Cameroon and Law No. 2011/012 of 6 May 2011 on consumer protection in Cameroon.

Following these laws, their implementing decrees follow, in this case the decree on the identification of SIM cards and their holders, which caused a lot of ink to flow, Decree No. 2012/1637/pm of 14 June 2012 laying down the modalities for the identification of subscribers and terminals, and then follow among others Decrees No. 2013/0399/pm of 27 February 2013 setting the terms and conditions for the protection of consumers of electronic communications services, No. 2012/092 and No. 2012/180 of April 2012 respectively on the organisation and operation of ANTIC on the one hand and the creation, organisation and operation of ANTIC on the other.

If you wish to exercise your data protection rights, you can contact our data protection team at any time at You will find more information in the Contact persons section.

Your personal data will be stored for as long as is necessary for the purposes of this Privacy Policy, including for the fulfilment of our contractual and legal obligations. We may also store your personal data for other purposes if and for as long as we are permitted by law to store it for specific purposes, including the defence of a right.

As we continue to develop our website and implement new technologies to improve our service to you, changes to this Privacy Policy may be necessary. We therefore recommend that you review this Privacy Policy from time to time.

At, you can contact our data protection team at any time with general questions about data protection and the exercise of your rights.

Our data processing may differ from one service to another. Here you can find out about the specific differences between the different services.

Here you can find out about the cookies we use. Here you will find an overview of all the cookies we use

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